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Overview for webassembly

TypeScript to WebAssembly

Image: 2018-02/typescript-webassembly.png

WebAssembly allows writing browser applications in any language that is strongly typed languages. These include ones like C, C++, Java and more recently Rust. Web developers often use dynamically typed languages like JavaScript, PHP and Python.

Written by Jorgé on Sunday February 25, 2018

State of WebAssembly in 2018: Browser support, dev tooling and specifications on track

Image: 2018-02/wasm.png

Building communications and computing technology is a painstakingly long task. The route from initial idea will typically take years first to spec, implementation and finally mainstream adoption. WebAssembly is now on this route, it is already usable - but the official specification work continues.

Written by Jorgé on Friday February 16, 2018

WebAssembly will Break the JavaScript Monopoly

Image: 2016-03/wasm3.png

Since the 1990s the only standard language available to developers targeting the web developers has been JavaScript. This is a great thing and has lead to the thriving JavaScript ecosystem we have today. This has been a given for over two decades, but with WebAssembly it could change.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday March 22, 2016