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Overview for rest

Beyond REST: GraphQL vs. Falcor

Image: 2016-06/falcor-graphql-json-schema.png

XML has largely been ousted by JSON as the de-facto format for transferring data. XML remains a valid format for document annotations, but RESTful APIs serving lean JSON is where the action has been for a number of years.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday June 9, 2016

Looking for a Node.js CMS for an Enterprise?

Image: 2016-05/nodejs.png

The Node.js server side environment for running JavaScript has taken the web development world by storm. It is used by millions of developers for creating web applications. The most common use for web development is still publishing information, using a WCMS (Web Content Management System).

Written by Jorgé on Sunday May 29, 2016

Open API is an alternative to RAML

Rest APIs continue to be on everyone's lips and everybody seems to have valuable data to distribute to the world. While this may be true for many cases, the boring tasks of specifications and so on are often left half way.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday November 19, 2015

What is RAML? A modeling language for REST APIs!

Image: 2015-11/5579724.png

An effort to offer a modeling language for RESTful APIs, RAML, reached 1.0 on November 3rd 2015ls . It comes with an ambitious goal to become the single desribing language for all bits of the lifecycle of a RESTful API. Today, in a world full of potential public API data providers there is a need to unify and find a common language.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday November 3, 2015

Introduction to GraphQL

Now that even Drupal is popularising GraphQL, the Facebook driven Query Language for Graph Databases, it's time to take a closer look at how to apply it in practise.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday October 6, 2015