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Redux considered harmful

The world of JavaScript moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. This is now the case for the fabled Redux state management library. Relased in 2015 to support the Flux pattern in React development, the library claimed it's place as the de-facto state management library for React apps.

But this didn't last. As early as 2016 voices in the JavaScript community started talking against Redux. Saying that it is too complex and over engineered for many uses. Many said to use the internal React state management features like setState() as long as humanly possible to keep projects Redux free.

Alternatives to Redux like MobX, MobX State Tree and Satchel started gaining momentum. The final nail to the coffin of Redux was the announcement of the new set of APIs like Fetcher, Context and Suspense for React.js. Now it is safe to say that many will start to consider Redux harmful, and that every developers former darling will soon be a nightmare for devs needing to work with horrible Enterprise JavaScript legacy code with Redux.

Yes, this is a troll post. Life's grand, but why do we have to reinvent the wheel all the time?

Written by Jorgé on Thursday March 1, 2018

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