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React.js Patents

React.js patents are a controversial issue. The popular Open Source User Interface Library written in JavaScript continues to be licensed with an unconventional BSD+Patents clause. This is not unusual or harmful for most implementation projects built on React, but it can be harmful for Businesses and other Open Source projects building on React.js in the future.

React.js is built by the Facebook Corporation, that is using the software license to protect it's business. For most projects and developers using React is not risky, but many large enterprises as well as other Open Source projects continue to be weary of React.js. 

In a nightmare situation things could go this way ff your company uses React.js in any form or shape. Facebook literally steals your source code, and you file a lawsuit against them... The React license allows Facebook to automatically sue you for patent claims on React. Even if the code they stole has NOTHING to do with React.

Here is a collection of resources that will help developers, lawyers and decision makers decide whether using React for their products and other implementations is feasible, or whether they should consider React as harmful for their projects.

Written by Jorgé on Sunday July 17, 2016

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