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Free 2018 TypeScript book download as PDF, MOBI, EPUB

TypeScript is a great complimentary language to JavaScript. With gradual typing and other great features it helps maintain JavaScript applications as they grow larger and larger. The lack of literature is one of the weak points of the language as there is currently no Definitive Book on TypeScript.

Recently Basarat Ali Syed published his TypeScript eBook. The book is titled TypeScript Deep Dive and is a great point to start working with the language. Better yet Basarat made his book available via Gitbooks so it's a free download.

The book is available as browser friendly hypertext. For packaged formats it is available as PDF format, but in addition the book is also available in formats directly suited for Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPad and Android as well as for devices running Android from Google.

Go right ahead and dowload the book:

Written by Jorgé on Saturday December 3, 2016

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