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Don't use Drupal or WordPress for IoT, Internet of Things

Web publishing platforms like WordPress and Drupal have grown to be something that are very general purpose. In theory they can be used for a lot of things, including applications for the Internet of Things.

IoT, as it's coined, is a booming technology that is on everyone's lips. Everything from fridges to cars to cows will be connected to the internet and sending and consuming data. Web Content Management Systems want a piece of this pie. With Acquia and Automattic as the commercial champions of Drupal and WordPress, they would also like to expand business to this field.

But stretching from a blogging platform to a web content management system (WCMS) is one thing, but going to challenge critical systems is another thing completely different. This is why it is not recommended to seeing a Web CMS as the first option of an IoT platform.

Or would you trust WordPress or Drupal development houses to taking care of your building's elevators? I would imagine they would have a lot of trouble with stability and so on...

Written by Jorgé on Saturday March 26, 2016

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