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Yeah Boi is the future of Casual Mobile Gaming

In 2015 Flappy Bird took the world by storm. The popular game enjoyed a short frenzy, when it felt everyone was playing the game. But you needed to download the game from an app store...

This is because when Flappy Bird launched, it was only available as a native mobile game. The games aesthetics were similar to 8bit games, so this was somewhat strange. Clearly not a technical limitation, but just the ecosystems of Android and iOS dictating this.

Now two years later, in 2017, you can play a similarly addictive game Yeah Boi straight on your mobile. The difference it you can play it just fine on your browser. In fact, you can give it a go below:

This is a future trend for mobile games. As web technologies keep improving, we will soon be able to leverage more advanced games such as well. We may not be able to play Pokémon Go, the 2016 2016 smash hit just yet, but PWAs already capable alternatives to many native apps.

Bitesized gaming just behind a link. Get in, get out. That's the future of casual gaming on the mobile.

Written by Jorgé on Monday July 10, 2017

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