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WordPress cements React, Flux and Webpack stack for JavaScript

Automattic Open Sourced their JavaScript powered shell for WordPress. The move is not only significant for Automattic and WordPress, but the future of the web alltogether.

The front end space has been in a change of change for multiple years. First going from jQuery to two way databinding with Angular and now to one way databinding and UI components with React and Flux implementations such as Redux. Asset processing and packaging being done with Grunt and Gulp task runners and lately Browserify and Webpack.

Calypso is built with React, Flux and Webpack. This gives increased confidence that this JavaScript stack will have staying power going into 2016 and beyond. With heavy investment from prominent players like Facebook and using these technologies, it looks like a safe bet.

Get started with a simplistic boilerplate for full stack React Development with Redux and Webpack

Written by Jorgé on Monday November 23, 2015

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