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What to consider when architecting a Headless CMS project

There is an endless amount of frameworks and libraries available for front end developers. With the importance of the selection in headless CMS projects with Drupal, WordPress, Contentful or the likes, it's now instrumental to select the correct architecture from the very beginning.

Whether you're building a custom application or simply implementing a content driven headless CMS site, the importance of the front end architecture should not be overlooked.

A recent article focuses on headless CMS to discuss what to consider when selecting Angular, React or any other front end toolkit for your project:

There are some key technical points that anyone purchasing or designing a headless CMS project should consider. As in 2016 market leaders are Angular and React.js, so the we'll focuses on these, but they are applicable to any other frameworks and libraries as well.
Five features to consider when selecting a Front End Architecture for your Decoupled CMS

The article explains how and why you should take into account five technical key points that are: server side rendering, component based architectures, modern JavaScript, mobile development support and the importance of an ecosystem and developer adoption.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday July 5, 2016

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