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What is the new NPM site built with? A look under the hood

NPM is the backbone (eh, eh) of the JavaScript ecosystem. The packet manager originally meant for distributing Node.js modules has grown to be a universal tool for distributing JavaScript code for the server and client, TypeScript type definitions, CSS frameworks and a whole lot of JS tooling.

In short, is a big deal. This is why it is interesting to see how the service itself is built. The NPM site was kind of long in the tooth as it had been around for quite a few years. With the pace that the JavaScript ecosystem it seemed downright neanderthal.

Parts of the site had been revamped, with the Next.js Universal React Framework powering the package search. However the team chose not to go with Next.js, Nuxt.js or any off-the-shelf Universal JavaScript Frameworks. Instead they assembled the whole site out of industry standard components.

The stack news comes from NPM developer Chris Dickinson, who lists the following technologies as their choice of weapons for the March 2018 renewal of Here's their amazing tech stack to power the mightiest JavaScript site of all:

Source: Twitter

Written by Jorgé on Thursday March 22, 2018

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