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What are React.js and React PHP?

Often in the world of IT the terms and products can get confusing. React is one of those words as there is a JavaScript as well as a PHP project called React.

React.js is a JavaScript technology for creating user interfaces for the browser. It is an open source project from Facebook and is used in their own products as well as the JavaScript shell for WordPress, called Calypso. React.js components can also be rendered on the server using Node.js, a JavaScript runtime for the server.

ReactPHP is a project that provides event-driven, non-blocking I/O with the PHP language. This is a purely PHP project which is used to provide high performance functionality for applications written in PHP. It closely resembles Node.js and in essence they are similar tools.

So the two projects called React (in PHP and JS) are completely separate initiatives and while they have some overlapping functionalities with serverside rendering, there is nothing linking these two except for the name React.

Written by Jorgé on Saturday December 5, 2015

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