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VuePress is a Vue.js alternative to React based Gatsby

Static site generators have been the biz for ten-five years now. From the Ruby powered Jekyll to Golang inspired Hugo, there is no shortage for alternatives. In the JavaScript realm there are many options, but one of the standout for React developers is Gatsby.

Since the downfall of Angular in mindshare, Vue.js is now the only mainstream alternative to React when it comes down to pure UI libraries. The Vue community is doing great work in responding, and even surpassing the React solutions.

Nuxt.js, for example is a valid alternative to the Next.js framework in Universal JavaScript. For React based static site generators, Next.js is now a viable option due to it's static export feature, but for pure static sites Gatsby.js has been gaining ground. Even the official React.js site now uses the tool, which is a testament to it's quality.

Gatsby is an opinionated static site generation framework, which can use GraphQL for site building. Like many tools it is not coming from the core React.js project, but instead is a completely independent effort. This is an area where Vue.js tends to be different. Vue itself has a number of projects for common needs like state management and routing, where React devs depend on tools like Redux or MobX and React-Router.

VuePress is a static site generator tool from the core Vue.js team. It thrives to be simple with minimal setup boilerplate, based on markdown and directory structures. It is a complete native to the Vue ecosystem and performance and security are a given when publishing static assets.

The name VuePress is a clear reference to the WordPress blogging platform gone CMS. VuePress is not a straight up competitor to WordPress, but for simple blogging needs it is certainly an alternative. With a low learning curve for Vue and non-Vue devs alike, VuePress is easy to get started.

Hosting VuePress projects is possible in any service able to spit out static assets. A default theme is provided and the onfiguration provide enough flexibility to customize VuePress projects to your hearts desire.

Written by Jorgé on Sunday April 15, 2018

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