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Vue.js, an alternative to Angular and React

The JavaScript front end framework mindshare has been ruled by Angular and recently React as well. Some of the previously known options like Backbone and Knockout have faded to the background, but the two are hardly the only options. Aurelia is a very new option, where as Vue.js already has quite a bit of mileage behind it.

The first release of Vue.js was done in February 2014 and since that the project has gained popularity, with a steady 100.000+ downloads a month from NPM. There are interesting projects such as the Pagekit CMS using it and most recently Laravel, a popular PHP back end framework announced Vue as their recommended (but not enforced) front end framework.

Perhaps the most appealing factor of Vue.js is it's low barrier of entry to development. This is something where it resembles Knockout and the AngularJS 1.x frameworks. This is refreshing to the easily over complicated worlds of Angular 2 and React that have been offered as the solution for all cases ranging from full applications to interactive widgets on content driven sites.

Late in April 2016 the project leader Evan You announced the next major iteration, Vue 2.0. With this release Vue aims to continue on it's set path, offering a simple starting point but also allowing for more complex setups and universal rendering on the server as well as the client. The library is lightweight, allows view writing flexibility in the form of choosing between templates or React style JSX inline syntax.

At the point of writing Vue.js 2.0 is now in it's seventh beta and it indeed looks to deliver on it's promise in delivering a viable contemporary JavaScript framework ticking all the boxes that one might expect:

Vue is being developed actively both by the community and the lead Evan You, who actually currently works on the project full time through the donations given by patrons of the Vue.js project. This means that the project also has some staying power. Novel JavaScript frameworks can have a hard time squeezing a niche for themselves with large brands dominating with corporate backing from corporations like Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

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Written by Jorgé on Tuesday August 9, 2016

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