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VS Code to autocomplete JavaScript class 'this' properties automatically

Visual Studio Code is on a roll. The simple code editor from Microsoft is winning hearts and minds. The out of the box configuration seems to have hit a good balance between functionality and usability. A new small, but significant feature will land to VS Code in 2018.

Many developers like JavaScript because of it's light syntax. Verbose Java and PHP feel cumbersome after getting used to writing contemporary JavaScript. But there is always room to improve. And for JavaScript it is the using of "this" references in ES6 classes.

Visual Studio Code is written in TypeScript. It also makes use of the TypeScript compiler and debugging interfaces to provide additional features even for vanilla JavaScript code. ecause the two  share the same base syntax.

To ease working with JavaScript code the new versions of VS Code will ship with automatic suggestions for JavaScript classes. The Intellisense engine in the editor will bill be aware of the members available to the class and will give autocompletion for them. This is best illustrated in the animation below 

VS Code this property auto completion

The above is a great example of how small improvements make for big efficiency gains over time. Better yet, the feature is automatically available in both JavaScript and TypeScript code.

The feature is not currently available in a stable release. Instead users can access it by using insiders version of VS Code. This is a special version that is updated nightly. It requires no registration or other obligations.

Users will simply need to get a copy from the  VS Code Insiders Download page and accept they are using software that is potentially broken as it is not thoroughly tested.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday February 1, 2018

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