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Using TypeScript with GraphQL

Strong typing is a trend that has enjoyed growth in the contemporary development scene. Technologies like MobX State Tree, TypeScript and GraphQL all provide this feature to JavaScript ecosystems.

TypeScript and GraphQL are especially powerful together, since the overhead of working with remote systems without API definitions - jumping backs and forth comes with significant mental overhead. This is only one of the issues with RESTful APIs, and a part of why GraphQL is gaining popularity.

With two separate statically typed technologies you can enjoy rich IDE features like validation errors, code autocompletion, highlighting and easy refactoring. In addition there is no overhead when working with TypeScript friendly projects like Prisma from Graphcool.

In fact, the TypeScript growth also shows in the Prisma project, at the Graphcool team has provided a demo showcasing the benefits of developing with the combination of strongly typed systems like TypeScript and GraphQL together. A video is worth a thousand words, so go ahead and see the demo video below:

Written by Jorgé on Thursday January 18, 2018

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