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TypeScript update from Anders Hejlsberg at Build 2017 (video)

TypeScript is an Open Source technology, but it originates from Microsoft and the company continues to be the major driver behind this superset of JavaScript.

At the it's annual Developer conference Build 2017 in Seattle Microsoft mostly focuses on Windows Development, but they did provide an update on TypeScript at Google earlier. In addition they decided to provide an update on the TypeScript language itself.

The talk is held by Anders Heljsberg, the lead architect of the TypeScript language. He talks about the new language versions, usage in projects as well as TypeScript workflow with popular libraries like React and Vue.js. The video is available on Microsoft's own Channel 9 video site, but you can also view it below:

Video source: What's new in TypeScript? on Channel 9

Written by Jorgé on Friday May 12, 2017

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