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TypeScript interest peaks in Google Trends' July 2017 stats

TypeScript has been around since 2012 and has gradually picked up pace, alongside with the popularity of contemporary JavaScript. TypeScript is most popular for developing developer tooling. Currently Angular, Ember, NativScript and many other popular JavaScript projects are using it.

Most JavaScript developers scoff at the idea of strong types, and much of the JavaScript hype is actually built by Java and other developers finding new joy in flexible typing. This is why it might be difficult to imagine that TypeScript would have a high popular interest, since it is at it's core an extension to JavaScript - making it more robust for large scale application development in JavaScript.

However it seems that the trends are showing more general interest in TypeScript, as the project reaches it's all time peak search interest in July 2017, almost five years after it's initial release in October 2012:

TypeScript popularity over time

The growing interest is probably not only due to the increasing number of tooling projects using TypeScript, or the strong typing it offers. In fact the rising popularity is likely due to Type Definitions for JavaScript, superb code editor tooling and great down compiling to ECMAScript 5 for real world usage within the browser space.

As TypeScript continues to add features, with a steady pace, with TypeScript 2.4 bringing support for Dynamic Imports and more, it looks feasible that TypeScript adoption will continue on this upward trend. TypeScript is definitely a language to consider when writing Node.js or Browser applications.

More about TypeScript:

Written by Jorgé on Sunday July 16, 2017

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