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Twitter Launches Bootstrap 4 Alpha, the next version of the popular Front End Framework

The Facebook dev team has stack given us lots of innovation in the server and in the client domains. With HHVM, Hack, React, Flux, Relay and more they're already knee deep in powering a number of high profile in addition to itself. But there is one area the company has chosen not to invest in: CSS and supporting technologies such as SASS or LESS.

No company is an island and this is ever more true in the web development world. Companies and communities share a plethora of free utilities to common challenges. One excellent example is Twitter and it's Bootstrap Front End Framework.

Bootstrap helps developers by offering a number of tools for creating modern web services. It removes repetition of creating grid systems, text icons, common UI patters such as accordeons and tabs. The most used function is without a doubt the responsive grid system. It has allowed millions of sites to enable responsive design that works reliably and frees time for creativity.

While Bootstrap has been very successful, covering over 8% of the top million sites on the web, it needs to evolve. Today the Bootstrap development team announced the alpha version of the next generation, Bootstrap 4.

Developer highlights:

The team needs to pay special attention to backwards compatibility as there is already a huge ecosystem of front end extensions and even backend tools building on Bootstrap. Read more about the improvements coming to Boostrap 4 and their approach to backwards compatibility on the official blog: Bootstrap 4 Alpha Released

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday August 19, 2015

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