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Trivago is building their own Virtual DOM library

The german hotel search site Trivago is apparently investing in their own Virtual DOM library. With the Virtual DOM concept popularised by React.js from Facebook - there was certainly no lack of similar efforts in 2015.

With many options like the lightweight Riot.js micro-library already available, it would be expected that creating Virtual DOM implementations in 2016 would fade out. Looks like the trend continues with Inferno being the latest framework to pound their chest on the Virtual DOM benchmark:

Unlike typical virtual DOM libraries like React, Mithril, Virtual-dom, Snabbdom and Om, Inferno uses techniques to separate static and dynamic content

If you thought the industry had standardised on React.js or Angular 2 for front end development, it certainly does not seem to be the case as Trivago, a prominent hotel booking site, is now building their own Virtual DOM library as revealed in a job opening.

The company is looking for a JavaScript Software Architect to work on this effort with the following skills considered relevant:

In addition they list the ideal candidate to be fluent in ES2015+, React.js internals, compiler design as well as working knowledge of software design patterns.

This position is open at the company's Düsseldorf office. Details on the company website:

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday June 8, 2016

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