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Top Three Best TypeScript Books in 2018

TypeScript is a great technology that has really picked up in popularity over the course of 2017. Because TypeScript is a superset of ECMAScript (the official JavaScript specification), there are plenty of core materials available. But for TypeScript specific features there is no definitive book on the topic.

From version 2.0 onwards the Angular has used TypeScript as their language of choice for developing the popular JavaScript framework. However, on the heels of the very popular Angular.js (versions 1.x) - the second has failed to garner a similar hegemony. In anticipation of Angular 2 continuing on the success of Angular.js, a lot of TypeScript books around Angular were published.

This makes it difficult for developers working with React.js, Vue or other popular view libraries to find a book that is not littered with references to Angular. Focusing purely on TypeScript specific features such as the type system, generics, type definitions, and more is what developers will benefit from.

There are good online resources for learning TypeScript, but for such core topic a book provides the best way of learning the basics in a coherent package rather than random snippets with different opinions. An additional problem with books is the rapid release cadence of TypeScript, which can make it hard to keep up with the best practises as new JavaScript and TypeScript features are added to the language.

Here are some of the pure best TypeScript books to get started with TypeScript in 2018:

Written by Jorgé on Monday October 30, 2017

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