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Stateless components in React.js

In React code, most of the components you write will be stateless, simply composing other components. We’re introducing a new, simpler syntax for these components where you can take props as an argument and return the element you want to render:

// Using an ES2015 (ES6) arrow function:
var Aquarium = (props) => {
  var fish = getFish(props.species);
  return <Tank>{fish}</Tank>;

// Or with destructuring and an implicit return, simply:
var Aquarium = ({species}) => (

// Then use: <Aquarium species="rainbowfish" />

This pattern is designed to encourage the creation of these simple components that should comprise large portions of your apps. In the future, we’ll also be able to make performance optimizations specific to these components by avoiding unnecessary checks and memory allocations.

Learn more about Stateless Function Components in React 0.14

Written by Jorgé on Friday September 11, 2015

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