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SkateJS 5.0 released - React.js compatible Web Components abstraction

SkateJS is a library that is designed to help developers work with the Web Components standard. It implements an abstraction that enables developers to write standards based UI components using a minimal JavaScript abstraction.

In addition to providing standards based web components. SkateJS also plays well with JavaScript UI libraries like React.js. This is a great feature as the Web Component and React communities have not had the best history of interoperability.

In short Skate achieves this by being a functional abstraction over the web component standards that:

Rendering of SkateJS is components can be done on the browser or in the server. The latest version packs three separate renderer packages:

Learn more about the latest version on NPM and the official SkateJS documentation site.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday December 5, 2017

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