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Satchel is Microsoft's state management library for React

State Management continues to raise discussions in the ecosystem. Many continue to vouch for Redux, while some deem it too boilerplatey and choose to stay with pure setState instead. MobX is also a popular option, and Microsoft has built a state management library around it.

Microsoft not only takes MobX as it is, but tries to implement the best of all libraries into a single package:

Why would Microsoft build yet another state management library? There's one for each finger (and toes). Microsoft argues that using Satchel and the best practises from all three approaches. Using Satchel the company argues that high performance and isomorphic apps (ones that render both on the server and in the browser) will be easy to do.

In addition the library supports middlewares for modifying each action that is dispatched, this can be used for tracking of performance profiling. In addition Satchel is type-safe by default, without effort to the consumer.

Satchel is written in TypeScript, MIT licensed and in production use on So in case you've been eyeing at a fresh take at state management for React apps, learn more from thel inks below:

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday December 19, 2017

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