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Rob Eisenberg compares AngularJS, Angular 2, Aurelia, Ember, Polymer and React

Aurelia is a contemporary JavaScript framework that does not the visibility that it deserves. The media is currently saturated with Angular 2 and React related articles. This June the creator of Aurelia, Rob Eisenberg discussed a number of front end framework articles at a conference in Norway.

Rob has unique insight into both Aurelia and Angular 2 as he has worked on both projects. In addition his extensive background in building rich UIs for the web with technologies such as Flash, Flex, Silverlight and native tools.

In this hour long talk Rob steps through  six different frameworks using an example application. He  first gives an overview of AngularJS, Angular 2, Aurelia, Ember, polymer and React. After a look at the code he compares their key aspects such as download sizes and more. 

Written by Jorgé on Thursday June 30, 2016

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