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React v15.0 RC released with full SVG support

Since the dawn of time the web has relied on bitmap images. For photos and othe use cases bitmaps obviously continue to be the best format, but for many cases vector graphics have advantages. Browsers now have good support for SVG and with the newly released React version so does the JavaScript view library from Facebook.

SVG is a vector graphics format backed up by W3C. It’s all XML and is quite a nice technology. With the latest version of React, the SVG specification is now fully supported. This is yet another example of the continuing momentum behind the React project.

While support for SVG is now complete, there are some tags that are missing from the React.DOM helper function, but JSX and raw createElement will work on all tags. SVG attributes will match their original capitalization as defined in the specification.

Learn all about the first Release Candidate of React v15 on the React developer blog: React v15.0 Release Candidate

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday March 8, 2016

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