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React.js Patents Clause to be removed with React 16 release

After a number of years of confusion and FUD around it's licensing of React.js, Facebook has stated it will change the license for the popular UI library in the upcoming React 16 release.

Going forward the JavaScript library turned VR and Native Mobile tool will be available under the common MIT license. This will finally put all the speculation that has been around the software component that now powers some of the most significant web services around the globe.

In practise the previous BSD+Patents license has been widely accepted among software giants such as Microsoft, Apple and Google so this move will now satisfy concerned parties such as WordPressApache Software foundation and other platform products.

In short the history of React.js licensing drama goes as follows:

And now, on 22th of September 2017 the saga comes to an end as React is to be licensed as MIT without the patents clause starting on the last week of September with the React 16 (AKA Fiber) release.

It is worth noting that despite the move, in opposition to Apache 2 license, the React.js no longer grants you permission to the use of any patents, so according to some the position is even worse now in case you would need to defend against Facebook in a court of law.

Written by Jorgé on Saturday September 23, 2017

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