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React.js and Flux demystified

React.js and Flux are excellent technologies, which is often veiled in jargon and thus hard to get a picture of. Immediately you'll get introduced to all kind of things like Flux, Isomorphic Rendering and more.

Andrew Ray wrote an excellent blog post explaining what React is:

TL;DR I struggled for a long time trying to understand what React is and how it fits in the application architecture. This post is what I wish someone had told me.

Read the article: ReactJS For Stupid People

In his follow up he does the same for Flux:

TL;DR As a stupid person, this is what I wish someone had told me when I struggled learning Flux. It's not straightforward, not well documented, and has many moving parts.

Read the article: Flux For Stupid People

Written by Jorgé on Saturday September 26, 2015

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