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React gets official boilerplate scaffolding through "React CLI"

Dan Abramov of Redux fame joined Facebook late in 2015. Since that he has continued work on interesting features and communicated actively on Twitter about React. Now he has worked on a command line tool that allows developers to bootstrap new React projects without drama.

The tool is known with a rather name that can me quite confusing. Known simply as "Create React App" the officially supported tool aims to simplify creation of new React.js projects. It draws inspiration heavily from Ember CLI and Angular CLI.

 and arguably it should have been called "React CLI", but that name is already taken for a project that allows rendering React components through the command line. In it's first release the tool is quite bare bones in functionality. It essentially only scaffolds a handful of directories to serve as a skeleton for React projects.

React still being viewed as a view library by the Facebook corporation and while this is true, it has received it's share of criticism for not recognizing the proportions of React ecosystem has grown to. There are still no official guidelines for creating complete applications, including state management and more.

The above gives developers enormous freedom to develop in ways they see fit, but opposed to complete frameworks like Angular 2 or Ember it does introduce churn. Plenty  of time has been spent globally on crafting React project boilerplates. Dan Abramov actually comes from the community and realises this. After creating Redux he is recognized as a key member of the React community.

In the future "Create React App" can be expanded to include missing features such as server rendering, testing, CSS modules, hot reloading and more. For the first step read the complete from the Facebook developer blog: Create Apps with No Configuration

Written by Jorgé on Saturday July 23, 2016

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