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React developer toolbar for Firefox and Chrome

Despite it's size and focus at the consumer market, Facebook is very much a company driven by software and developers. This shows in their efforts of creating (sometimes rather unique) solutions to their own internal problems and then sharing those as Open Source. Just like the Symfony community, Facebook invests in Developer Experience by providing development tooling for these solutions.

In the latest development for the popular React.js, Facebook has released a new Beta version of their React Devtools. This is essentially an extension of the native development tools used by web developers in browsers. These allow you insight into how your React JavaScript is functioning.

This version of the developer tools is written completely from the ground up, supports Firefox, Chrome and other Blink browsers. It is also a fine example of what is known as Dog Fooding in the Software industry. React developer tools themselves are built with React.

Read more about the new React Development Tools or go straight for it and install it on Firefox or Chrome and other Blink browsers.

See animation below for React devtools in action:

React developer tools in action (animation)

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday August 4, 2015

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