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React 16.3 released with Context API, etc.

The latest iteration of the world's favourite JavaScript UI library has landed, it brings some exciting updates unveiled earlier.

This is the first release after the announcement of some deep changes coming in React 16.3 and beyond at the JavaScript conference in Iceland. The release comes with new lifecycle hooks and a Content API that will allow easier state management for simple apps:

Unlike Redux Future Fetcher is not a new library, but rather a new concept that is being rolled into React in the form of the Context API that will simply render a lot of the tasks done by Redux obsolete.
- RIP Redux: Dan Abramov announces future fetcher API

A lot of small other bug fixes are also on the menu for React 16.3.0. More details on the blog: New lifecycles and context API

Written by Jorgé on Friday March 30, 2018

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