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Privacy focused Turing Phone maker to go bust?

Turing Robotic Industries is a company that has been designing and manufacturing privacy focused Turing Phone devices since 2015. After years of delays, the company finally delivered in the fall with the Turing Appassionata. Now the company's future is unclear.

Turing Robotic Industries has been focusing on privacy features and has outsourced OS development first to Google's Android, then to SailfishOS, and then back to Android. The Appassionata devices got good reviews as well.

Turing Appassionata device

Initially the devices were supposed to be designed and manufactured at the old Nokia mobile phones facilities in Salo, Finland starting from 2016. These plans fell through and production started in China the following year.

There has been a lot of hype around the company, and it has been facing difficulties in living up to it's promises. Now there's word that the company has filed for bankruptcy in Finland. What remains unclear is whether it's just the operations in Finland that cease:

The latest public financial year records for 2016 show a loss of some 557,000 euro without any turnover for the finnish company Turing Robotic Industries Oy. It is currently not clear if the US operations will be shut down as well as the company is yet to comment.
Hyped up secure smartphone startup Turing Robotic declares bankruptcy

There is demand for secure personal communications devices, as the state of Russia has shown when it has publicly said it is looking alternatives. The American duopoly of Google's Android and Apple's iOS is worrisome for many.

In the wake of Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities being exploitable through JavaScript security is on minds of many users. The bar for security can never be high enough and given the blunders Apple, Equifax, Intel and others experienced in 2017 - it seems nobody is secure for sure.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday February 1, 2018

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