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Popular JavaScript frameworks in 2018

In the recent article on JavaScript Front End frameworks' popularity on Stack Overflow it was noted how fast the turnaround for frameworks is. Developers need to maintain an active mindset on learning to keep up with the trends of the dynamic job market. What are the most popular options in 2018?

Popularity of technologies can be measured in many ways, but in the current age GitHub stars are a clear indication of the relative popularity of JavaScript projects. Together with the count and general trends in the technology industry, for 2018 the JavaScript frameworks to spend time learning are:

The JavaScript world keeps evolving rapidly, but the core requirements remain the same. Throughout 2018 it is expected that Web Components, TypeScript and Universal JavaScript rendering continue to gain momentum.

React.js from stays top-of-mind for JavaScript savy developers. Vue.js is a worthy alternative with projects like GitLab and Laravel adopting it at scale. Angular remains a solid option if you're looking for an opinionated Full Stack JavaScript framework for complex web applications.

Written by Jorgé on Friday January 12, 2018

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