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Polymer 3.0 release date closing in fast

The Polymer team at Google working on the Web Components library has sent out a new version of their library. This is a significant step following the change of architecture of Polymer in August 2017.

On January 18th 2018, there is a new release dubbed "Polymer 3.0 Preview 4". This is a continuing on the change to tooling, such as adopting NPM and ES6 Modules and Template Literals with lit-html for templating.

According to the blog post describing the new release the team is focused on delivering the first stable version of Polymer 3.0 during Q1 of 2018. With a public roadmap the visibility of progress should be more transparent up until the time of the release. The Polymer project is eager to get feedback from early adopters, so there is still time to start working with the preview versions to get your word in:

Based on feedback from early adopters of 3.0, we'll be focusing next on smoothing out some rough edges around package installation and module import specifiers. 

So as of now the release date for Polymer is set to be latest March 31st 2018. Learn more and keep an eye on the progress by reading the post on the new Polymer 3.0 preview with bug fixes and new features.

Written by Jorgé on Friday January 19, 2018

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