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PHP framework Laravel selects Vue.js as default JavaScript framework

Laravel is a very popular PHP framework running on the server side. It's known for ease of use and complementary side projects such as the Homestead. Laravel is very opinionated, but so far it's been lacking a default choice for a front end JavaScript framework to enable it being a full stack framework.

That changed today with Vue.js being announced as the default JS framework for Laravel. The announcement comes from the Laracon 2016 conference directly from the Laravel lead developer Taylor Otwell:

Laravel is a very popular PHP framework, it comes complete with it's own ORM (Eloquent), templating language (Blade) and even their own PaaS known as Forge. Vue.js is a JavaScript front end framework project that has not gotten the amount of attention it maybe should have. It aims to provide Angular 1 level productivity with a better technical foundation.

React and Angular 2 are still far behind of the instant gratification that lifted the framework into success years ago. Vue.js is amidst of larger changes as the first Beta of Vue.js 2.0.0 version was launched only some weeks ago, but the promise of simplicity continues to be the prime directive. 

With many other popular PHP projects selecting Angular and React.js as their defacto project, the weight that Laravel brings to the table makes way for a third mainstream option. Vue.js has been used by at least PageKit, a modern PHP CMS before, but it's been a niche product compared to WordPress advocating for React and Drupal wooing Angular2.

This is great news for all front end developers as the duopoly of mindshare owned by Angular and React.js is shaken up. It will be interesting how this will affect the adoption of Vue.js for projects like October CMS that rely heavily on the front end for providing optimal user experience.

For background on the relationship of Laravel and Vue.js, see the slideset from Evan You from Laracon 2016:

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday July 27, 2016

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