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PHP CMS eZ Platform gets GraphQL support

eZ Platform, an open source content management system has received GraphQL support in a community driven experimental implementation. With the GraphQL extension to eZ Platform, developers can query the content repository using the GraphQL protocol.

The extension is not officially supported at this point, but on a feature level it is already quite complete. Using the GraphQL language developers can optimise the payload sent over the wire on a single HTTP request. When the request closely resembles the response sent to the server, round trips are minimal compared to many rather chatty REST implementations.

In addition to more efficient transport, the eZ Platform implementation also has built-in documentation due to the introspection features GraphQL has. This is a significant advantage over the custom REST API implementations built in popular CMSes like Drupal, WordPress or eZ Platform itself. This is why GraphQL is a tool that can truly decouple you from CMSes.

With the eZ Platform experimental GraphQL implementation developers can get access to the native features of the core functionalities provided by the tool. This is including query access to:

In addition there is example support for writing to the repository to dreate and Delete Section Metadata. With this new option for a CMS API maturing, it is welcome to see options such challenging the market leaders in the enterprise CMS space.

The GraphQL extension for eZ Platform can be found on Github: eZ Platform GraphQL Bundle

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday October 11, 2016

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