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PHP 8.0 Release Date is November 26th 2020

After five iterations of the 7.x series, PHP 8.0 is scheduled for release in late 2020. This is a great opportunity for the world's most popular web development environment not only to add new language features and make performance improvements, but also deprecate old features.

There are still some ongoing discussions about who will be release manager for PHP, but what is certain is the release date. It was earlierly set for December 3rd, 2020, but since that the the PHP 8.0 Wiki page has been updated to be November 26th of the same year.

Some very early speculation set this to sometime in December, but this was based on pure speculation using the Stetson and Harrison Method by Sara Golemon at the SymfonyCon 2017 in Romania.

PHP 7.4 will be the last release in the 7.x series that has continued to improve upon the remarkable 7.0 release that brought massive efficiency improvements. Following up in 7.4 with OPCode Caching feature In PHP 8.0 we expect to get performance features like JIT and new language features such as:

For deprecations you should read the PHP 8.0 upgrade documentation

Written by Jorgé on Friday May 15, 2020

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