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PHP 7 and HHVM are not competitors - Hack and JavaScript are

People love to pit two competing products together. Be it sports cars, cameras or software. Everyone likes to cheer for their personal preference. This is now happening with PHP 7, HHVM and others inspiring people to create pointless benchmarks.

While HHVM has spurred the PHP community to improve performance with PHP 7, it's still just that improved PHP. If you're just staring at performance you've missed it. PHP won't go away, but it will stay in it's den of the server side.

The real focus for Facebook now is to focus on Hack, their own language based on PHP. It's already taken XHP-JS into development, bridging the gap between server and client using HHVM and Hack.

PHP is (and should be kept as) a purely server side technology, and while you could bridge the server and client with kludges, should you? The serverside only ship has sailed: Don't learn PHP or any other purely backend development languages

PHP and HHVM are not really even competitors, Hack and JavaScript are

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday July 21, 2015

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