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Open Source Headless CMSes for front end developers

There are plenty of headless CMS and CaaS services that allow front end developers to work without the limitations posed by a monolithic Content Management System. Some Content APIs even position themselves as a "CMS without the bad parts"

So far the JavaScript community has not been able to produce a credible and robust enough tool for content management requirements in the real world. Same stands for pure content platform players like Contentful and Prismic as they need quite a bit work to get many of the basic things right. And they're also limiting in terms of freedom, due to their proprietary nature.

Take a look at these options for robust Open Source headless CMS options for your Angular, React or Vue.js applications and content driven sites:

For more traditional options, there are some interesting options with REST APIs and GraphQL APIs in the market. These are some contemporary options in 2018:

Static site generators like MetalSmith, Jekyll and Spress are interesting options too, if you prefer using a Content API, but rather not build a headless site using the latest JavaScript techniques.

Written by Jorgé on Sunday March 27, 2016

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