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Open API is an alternative to RAML

Rest APIs continue to be on everyone's lips and everybody seems to have valuable data to distribute to the world. While this may be true for many cases, the boring tasks of specifications and so on are often left half way.

Swagger is a framework for building this APIs. It was acquired by SmartBear earlier this year. Swaggers' specification format is now being extended by the Open API project. The project aims to use it as a base to create and open, vendor neutral and portable specification for metadata in RESTful APIs.

The effort closely resembles RAML, the effort to offer a modeling language for REST APIs. RAML aims to provide a single language that will allow designers, developers and consumers of RESTful APIs to share a language among the various stages of the creative process: Design, Construction, Testing, Documenting, Sharing and Support.

RAML and Open API are distinct projects and learning the basics of these is advisable. The world needs standards and specifications. Just look at how well the browser developers have being able to deliver after finally having a specification on how to handle malformed HTML markup.

Learn to speak a common language in specifications.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday November 19, 2015

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