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Next.js vs Nuxt.js

The world of JavaScript frameworks is constantly evolving. There are unlimited options for frameworks and libraries. In the UI development declarative paradigms have barely taken hold, when universal frameworks are coming in. Let's consider two common options, Next.js and Nuxt.js.

Declarative UI development was first popularised by React.js. Starting from it's modest release in 2013 the JavaScript library has exploded in popularity, bringing a full ecosystem with supporting libraries, dedicated conferences and much more.

Angular from Google was originally the native alternative to React.js. For some reason Angular has not kept up in popularity with React. Whether this boils down to it's framework approach or just the confusion between Angular an AngularJS is irrelevant. Over the course of 2017 Vue.js took the second popular place in UI development.

For Universal Rendering that became popular, with real world deployments in 2017, there are prevalent options for both UI libraries. Next.js is the solution built on React, and Nuxt.js is for Vue developers. Both of these framworks offer the capability to render code on the server (even in serverless environments) and in the browser - an exciting prospect for JavaScript developers.

Both Next and Nuxt are very opinionated. This is because they are full frameworks, with components selected by the vendor. This is more natural for Vue users that are accustomed to having a cohesive ecosystem with recommended routing and state management libraries. React developers are more inclined to spend time hand picking libraries and honing configurations instead of using a framework like Next.js.

Selecting between Next and Nuxt boils down to technical choices - there are no high level business reasons to select either one. If your development team is more experienced with the UI libraries used (React and Vue respectively), then you should choose that solution. If you are not using either of these - then it is recommended that you make a choice between Vue and React and follow through with the supplied Universal JavaScript Framework.

Written by Jorgé on Sunday January 7, 2018

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