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A universal Web Components catalog launched

Web Components are a standards based option for web development. Major browsers are in process of adopting the technology and there are libraries such as SkateJS and Polymer that make it feasible to deploy today. A new catalog platform for web components was launched on January 10th 2017.

Ideally web components are like software libraries that you can download. Unlike proprietary libraries and efforts like React, Vue.js and Angular these should ideally be usable in browser with minimum JavaScript implementation in the long run.

To catalog these components, there is a vendor independent catalog available:

With a growing web components community creating high quality components, we are excited to announce the new including a new custom element registry.
Introducing the new element registry for Web Components

Standard support from browser vendors makes web components quite a good bet for the long term. as giants like Google are adopting web components in flagship services like Youtube.

With the catalog now online with editable demos to provide instant tweaking for developers, the next step is a packet manager integration. There is Bower integration, but with NPM now being a de-facto repository for JavaScript development, a possibility to install Web Components using it would be a practical solution.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday January 11, 2017

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