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NEOS CMS with React.js UI

React has become the default method for Content Management Systems to create user interfaces. Starting with WordPress Calypso in 2015, many mainstream CMSes like Drupal and have embraced React.js. One of these options is NEOS CMS.

NEOS CMS is a fork of the older TYPO3 content management framework from the late 1990s. TYPO3 remains very popular especially in German speaking countries. The NEOS project was originally meant to replace TYPO3, but ended up becoming a separate project.

The heritage of TYPO3 is not clearly visible in NEOS as it started out being a web framework with the Flow moniker (not related to the static typing extension to JavaScript). Development of NEOS started in the early 2010s when React was not available, at it's core the product continues to build on the PHP backend.

Like many other tools, NEOS has moved forward with renewing their tool with a decoupled approach - in addition to the content management core written in PHP they have added a separate React.js driven user interface.

Learn more about NEOS on project site and in the project documentation.

Written by Jorgé on Saturday January 6, 2018

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