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MobX is a viable reactive Redux alternative

After Facebook announced it's Flux architecture for state management, there was a plethora of implementations of it. Maybe even too much so. For the better part of 2016 it seemed that Redux became the defacto option with Dan Abramov now working for Facebook. Now there is a new attractive option on the market: MobX.

MobX is a state management tool that is not coupled to React, but likely used with it. While Redux is very popular, state management is something that people have opinions and personal preferences.

This is why MobX and it's Reactive Programming approach has made a splash. Angular 2 chose to go full in with RxJS (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript) and is introducing observables to a wider audience of developers. MobX's promise of being very unobtrusive as well as simple and scalable seems attractive.

Some of the key selling points of MobX are:

With it's simplicity and comprehensive documentation, you might want to consider giving MobX a go on your next hobby project. Maybe not straight to working production system at an enterprise...

Written by Jorgé on Monday July 4, 2016

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