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Major React core rewrite AKA Fiber enters Beta

The React team has been busy working on a complete technical rewrite of the React.js core. This effort was earlier known as React Fiber, but it has now realised as React 16 Beta1, which was released on Thursday 26th of July 2017.

While a major rewrite may seem scary, in this case the team has taken great care not to break backwards compatibility. The developer API from React 15.6 remains largely compatible, as the team decided to focus on BC for the first release.

Performance improvements like asynchronous rendering will be offered later as an optional feature in a minor update (16.x) release to React. So the team says that you shouldn't see much differences in performance as of today, but instead you should work on testing your application for improvements or regressions.

Learn more about React 16 and how to get started on the GitHub issue: The first React 16 beta is now available for public testing

Written by Jorgé on Thursday July 27, 2017

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