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Keystone Node.js CMS receives React powered UI in 4.0 Beta

Keystone.js is a contemporary alternative to simple content management needs. The tool is written in JavaScript and runs on the Node.js platform. You can think of it as a more contemporary version of WordPress. In it's latest 4.0 version the tool gets a React powered UI.

The beta version of the Keystone.js 4.0 CMS was launched in September 2016 and it carries along with it some notable changes. The version solidifies the content management product as a more stable and credible option.

With a complete re-write of the administration interface end users will benefit with a fluent editing experience, but a more long term benefit is that it's now a component based UI. With the front end architectures fast standardising on the conventions inspired by React and Flux.

In addition to the UI, there are a lot of under-the-hood improvements for stabilising list and field API. Code test coverage has been improved and new low-level functionalities as file storage abstraction have been added.

With these improvements in place, Keystone.js is still the best Node.js WordPress alternative around and takes steps towards maturing to be a capable enterprise grade CMS:

While creating a Node.js and MongoDB powered CMS with an excellent user interface might be (relatively) trivial, but building the features that are de-facto requirements in many web content management projects continues to be a a challenge: multisite, multilingual, expandable APIs, versioning, audit trails, user and permissions management...
Looking for a Node.js CMS for an Enterprise?

Written by Jorgé on Friday November 4, 2016

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