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HyperApp is an Elm inspired JavaScript library for building applications

There is no shortage of JavaScript libraries and frameworks to build Single Page Applications (SPAs). From Inferno, React and Vue.js, to Angular and even to ClojureScript which abstract JavaScript completely. Is there a need for more? The HyperApp team thinks so.

HyperApp is a contemporary JavaScript library that enables building front end applications. React helped popularise a lot of the concepts that HyperApp builds on, but most importantly HyperApp's design is based on the architecture of Elm Lang.

In addition to fully embracing functional programming paragms, the project strives for minimalism and ease of use. Currently the whole library weighs in at a single kilobyte (1 KB), which certainly is lightweight in comparison with React and lightweight clones such as Preact.

For ease of use HyperApp also delivers because it has no external dependencies, which means you don't need to use a separate build step. With the single file developers get everything included, including support for JSX, the templating format familiar to React developers.

The small footprint and ease of use are even more impressive when you consider that HyperApp ships by default with a router and even supports Server Side Rendering (SSR) out of the box. There is also an ongoing effort for TypeScript type definitions for HyperApp.

Learn more about HyperApp:

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday August 2, 2017

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