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Highlights: OpenCypher, HHVM and LLVM, React Forms

Last week there was interesting news about OpenCypher, HHVM and LLVM and React Forms.

OpenCypher - Graph Database Query Language

Neo4j the popular Graph Database has made efforts in moving forward in opening up it's query language. The team feels that the world needs a common Graph Query language. Many people agree that Cypher (used by Neo4j) is an excellent language, but there has been debate in the fact that it's been proprietary. Some options for being the "SQL of Graphs" have been presented, but now a new option exists: OpenCypher.

Learn more: Meet openCypher: The SQL for Graphs


The LLVM compiler infrastructure project is a compiler infrastructure designed to be a set of reusable libraries with well-defined interfaces. The number one question the Facebook HHVM team gets is why they don't use LLVM for code generation. The team has published a detailed blog post on the intricacies of the releationship HHVM and LLVM, statically vs. dynamically languages.

Learn more: LLVM Code Generation in HHVM

React Forms

Forms in general are never much fun to work with. But they are a fundamental building block of the internet, so they're not going away. For backend there are multiple backend libraries and frameworks helping work with tools, but for purely front end applications there have been less options. Alpaca Forms is one option, but it remains tightly coupled to jQuery. React.js continues to gain momentum. React Forms is one option to aid working with forms in React.js based User Interfaces.

Learn more: React Forms Documentation

Written by Jorgé on Monday October 26, 2015

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