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HHVM puts up a good fight against PHP 7 in Benchmarks

In a recent benchmarks, HHVM is demonstrating very good numbers against the latest official PHP implementation, PHP 7. In some computation heavy it outperforms it. And this is all without the Repo Authorative option, promising another 20% performance increase.

With Facebook's continued investment with the announcement of bringing HHVM up to feature parity with PHP 7 and the options Hack and React.js as popular it is a great time to be a developer with skills in PHP and Hack.

The multithreaded HHVM engine can have significant increased potential when running with a typechecker can unlock even better performance as PHP and Hack evolve. It's also worth considering that HHVM is in a unique position as the XHP markup, similar to JSX from the React.js world is built in natively.

Some PHP vs HHVM benchmarks:

Written by Jorgé on Thursday January 7, 2016

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