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HHVM announces PHP 7 support

Hot off the heels of the launch of PHP 7 the HHVM team have announced that they will support the new features offered by the official implementation of the PHP language:

The release has implications for HHVM as well. PHP 7 contains many new and exciting language features, such as anonymous classes and generator delegation. The HHVM project is committed to continuing to support the evolving PHP language, and as such we are proud to announce that the current nightly releases have support for all major PHP 7 features, and the upcoming 3.11.0 stable release will be the first release of HHVM with support for the major PHP 7 features.

The above comes as great news as many PHP running projects such as Wikipedia are now running HHVM and this makes sure all the language features will be usable everywhere as soon as possible.

Read the full blog post: PHP 7 support

Written by Jorgé on Saturday December 5, 2015

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