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HHVM and H2O available via Brew - get started with Hack, HTTP/2 on OS X

Facebook today announced experimental support for OS X. In addition to the H2O HTTP/2 server is now available via packet management for OS X.

Both server applications for OS X are now available via Brew, the popular packet manager for OS X. Traditionally HHVM has prioritised Linux development, but thanks to community contributions the software is finally available for Mac users using a simple setup process.

The HHVM blog describes the hurdles they had in bringing HHVM to OS X in more detail: Experimental Mac OS X Support for HHVM

Installation is done by issuing the following commands:

brew tap hhvm/hhvm
brew install hhvm
brew install h2o

Read configuration details on here: Serving PHP on HTTP/2 with H2O and HHVM

With this setup you can easily get down and dirty developing HTTP/2 ready applications using PHP or Hack languages on a Mac. Read more:

Written by Jorgé on Monday August 31, 2015

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